Silence: on finding our voices.
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March 2021

Silence: on finding our voices.

It’s happened again this week. Whispers that will no longer be silenced.

“She was just walking home”.

Adding to the drumbeat of 2020.

“He was just walking home, driving home, going to the store.”

What whispers beat in your heart? Quiet rumbles looking for a voice.

Have you been silenced? Or silent?

It takes so many forms.

Moments of silence come to me this week.

The silence of walking down a dark hospital corridor at midnight, keys strategically in hand. An undisclosed acceptance of what is.

The silence that comes from being told by a boss not to rock the boat about your long hours. Because if you do that you won’t have a career in the NHS.

The silence that leads us not to discuss our salaries or ask for a pay rise. The silence that comes from being closed down when we do.

Sometimes I’ve had the strength to keep whispering and to speak up and out.

Like calling out the doctor who repeatedly posted a “please silence your mobile” request at meetings - illustrated by a topless women on the beach.

And sometimes not.

Like the surgeon who remarked to me during surgical finals that “you’ve clearly seen a lot of those, young lady” when I correctly spotted that the man on the bed, naked from the waist down, had had an orchidectomy. I didn’t call that out.

So how can we turn our whispers into a voice?

Together we can whisper in unison. That helps. Margaret Mead nailed that when she wrote:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world”.

And individually we can practice listening to and finding our inner voice. To say out loud “no, that’s not ok.”

My clients love using the Queen PowerType I introduce in coaching. To find their inner voice. Their confidence. To say no to silence. And to set powerful boundaries, clearly and calmly. With grace. One step at a time.

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